We can apply and manage this for individuals


We can act on behalf of an individual’s property & affairs


Corporate Appointee

Here’s our offer…

We can offer a full range of services in this area of work including:

  • Applying to become an individual’s DWP Appointee
  • Applying to become an individual’s Court of Protection Deputy (Property & Affairs)
  • Assisting a third party in applying for Court of Protection (Property & Affairs)
  • Completing annual reports for the Office of Public Guardian
  • Liaise with utility companies in order to resolve outstanding debts
  • Accurate and timely account management
  • Manage and protect property for individuals along with arranging marketing and selling of properties.
  • Offer support and consultancy to other organisations operating in this area of work
  • General advice, guidance and support in this area of work

For more information please contact the lead
Sarah Hawker on 0300 330 2888

What is Corporate Appointeeship?

A Corporate Appointee is put in place when a person loses mental capacity to deal with their own financial affairs and does not have an individual to help them. An organisation (usually a local authority) then becomes the persons Corporate Appointee and is under the same level of scrutiny as an individual acting in an appointeeship/deputyship role.

If a person receives state benefits and does not have much in savings, a DWP appointeeship will be required.  If a person has an occupational pension, assets which may include a property and investments, a deputyship order will be required and supervision orders from the Office of Public Guardian will be put into place.

focus offers a person centred approach to the scheme, and has various working methods in place to accommodate all levels of need in relation to assisting someone with their finances. We offer weekly cash drops to people living in the community and now offer a basic cash card allowing a person more control over their affairs. We are happy to discuss individual needs and will work with the relevant person in order to allow excellent financial planning to be put in place. The person we serve is at the heart of our scheme and we always adhere to the mental capacity act and best interest principles when making a decision on behalf of a vulnerable person.