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focus designed and has had a fully integrated Health & Social Care record called an Integrated Care Record (ICR) which has now been operational for 2 years. It allows our social workers to access GP records / data as well as community health, and vice versa. All based on patient consent. Each Local Authority is unique, and if we can help you work towards what we have achieved and share our experiences / skills – we can offer consultancy support throughout your journey:


  • General advice, guidance and support
  • Initial exploration & diagnostic analysis
  • Establish the organisational stage and readiness
  • Act as a critical friend, un-biased
  • Baseline analysis
  • Generating business case, proof of concept developing necessary infrastructure


  • Formulate a plan of action
  • Deskwork exercises, staff engagement and case studies
  • Training analysis
  • Area development, lead the action plan / agree process
  • Stakeholder engagement, pilots and testing through to ‘go-live’
  • 1:1 support to managers

For more information please contact the lead
Christine Jackson on 0300 330 2845

focus Solutions is a unique consultancy arm of focus independent adult social work, focus has developed its own commercial arm to meet current needs and models in delivering social work in a modern and efficient way. Improving and enhancing capacity to meet demand.
One of the crucial things focus has achieved is the development of a fully integrated Health & Social Care Record, an Integrated Care Record (ICR). Essentially making Social Work fully electronic adopting the Electronic Social Care Record (ESCR) model.

ICR includes:

•  In built Assessments, forms, RAS & automatic personal budget generator
•  Contacts / Single Point of Access integration
•  Workflow / workload / caseload management
•  Enhanced data sharing / patient consent
•  Services, equipment, carers & finance