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focus designed a new modern way to present large amounts of performance data in an easy read infographic style dashboard. In the world of statutory reports and data collection, it is crucial reports are easy to read, absorbed by staff and managers etc – not to mention boards.  From our experience and development, the Performance Wheel allows data to be presented in an infographic style report tailored for a local audience. We can offer consultancy support throughout your journey to build and present:


• General advice, guidance and support
• Initial exploration & diagnostic analysis
• Establish the organisational stage & readiness
• Act as a critical friend, un-biased
• Baseline analysis, new domains & measures
• New reporting mechanism and data collection template


• Design of the local Performance Wheel
• 1:1 support in developing performance roles in gathering, interpreting and establishing the ‘story’ & ‘action’
• Coaching for presentation techniques & dashboard understanding
• Hand over & ad-hoc ongoing support

For more information please contact the lead
Marc Wilson on 0300 330 2838

focus recognises the national performance frameworks in place for many statutory functions / organisations and how exhausting reports can be with information, and confusing charts. The Performance Wheel will combine both national and local indicators to suit your needs and succintly report on the ‘story’ and ‘actions’ of your data in an easy read format.

We can offer:
• A bespoke performance wheel template
• General advice and support in design
• Baseline analysis & feedback of domains & measures for the wheel
• Staff engagement & culture development
• 1:1 support for board reporting and technique
• Performance team development and guidance
• Hand-over & on-going ad-hoc design advice

Infographic Performance Wheel

focus Solutions is a unique consultancy arm of focus independent adult social work, focus has developed its own commercial arm to meet current needs and models in delivering social work in a modern and efficient way. Improving and enhancing capacity to meet demand.

As a new Community Interest Company our board is made up of unique members such as staff and community representatives. We needed a way to engage and educate our board, staff and public on focus performance. We designed a new infographic Performance Wheel to illustrate all our quarterly performance in a modern way.

Performance Wheel helps with:

• Reviewing your domains & measures
• Establishing a modern new performance reporting process
• Enhances the ‘story’ & ‘actions’ of your data
• Engages & transforms staff culture towards performance