focus is the first independent adult Social Work Practice providing all of the adult statutory functions required by Local Authorities. It has also developed its own specialist adult social work agency to enhance the services and flexibility it offers to commissioners in health and social care.


focus was one of the original 7 Department of Health Social Work Practice pilots, set up in 2011. In 2013 focus became an independent Community Interest Company, unique in its delivery of all of the statutory social work functions in North East Lincolnshire.

focus also manages and co-ordinates integrated health and social care, working in partnership with the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs), GPs, local health and mental health social enterprises. In North East Lincolnshire focus provides a 24/7 Single Point of Access for health and social care with a fully integrated health and social care recording and GP out of hours service.

focus has made a significant investment in ICT and all staff are fully mobile, able to work in any location with full connectivity to the NHS Spine. focus takes a positive, asset based approach to the people it assesses and supports, prioritising independence through the use and development of community resources.


Marc Wilson

Business Manager

Marc’s been heavily involved in transforming Adult Social Care in NEL over the past 5 years into focus independent adult social work C.I.C, the UKs first Social Work Practice delivering full statutory adult social care responsibilities.  He’s now continuing this by growing focus solutions and sharing all the brilliant things that have come out of this dedication during the transformation.  The thought of waste, lack of business efficiencies, innovation, creativity and being stuck in the past is completely abhorrent to Marc! So he strives at being creative, fresh, innovative and finding solutions to keep motivating and leading people to be the best and work in a modern way utilising technology for improved workflow efficiencies. Oh…he is a bit pedantic too when it comes to getting things just ‘right’.

Katherine Grady

Business Services Officer

Kat has worked at focus as a Business Services Officer for nearly 2 years after moving to Grimsby from Greater Manchester. She’s been involved with outreach in the community as she enjoys meeting people and offering advice and information to the general public. With a passion for communication, she leads the way with modern communications within focus. Advocating social media and testing new digital communications channels that are making the world a smaller place. Not to mention classic channels such as Press Releases, print campaigns and marketing material etc. Kat spends lots of time ensuring Data Quality, although her passion does not lie in performance (putting it mildly) she completes a number of reports on a monthly basis that are fed back to staff to ever improve the integrity of peoples Integrated Care Records within NEL.

June Horner

Business Services Officer

June has worked in Adult Social Care for over 30 years in a variety of roles before moving into the Communications and Performance Team 2½ years ago as a Business Services Officer.  She was heavily involved in the migration of data to our Integrated Care Record and continues to play an active role in its ongoing developments as well as supporting staff with day to day operational queries.  Performance data and the challenges it brings has always been of interest to June, using her knowledge and skills gained over the years, she uses these to her advantage to improve performance and data quality by running regular reports and feeding back and supporting staff through monthly clinics. 

Ashley Jarvis

Business Services Officer

After working in Adult Social Care finance for 7 years, Ashley moved into the Communications and Performance team as a Business Services Officer in January 2014. Utilising his technology skills, he’s been involved in many projects from the online services directory for North East Lincolnshire (, to creating and deploying iPad Kiosks across the region. With a finance background, spread sheets and performance data are no stranger to Ashley, giving him a great eye for detail. He’s a strong believer that “if you’re going to do a job, do it properly”, resulting in a quality finish whatever the work.


Sarah Hawker

Head of Business Development & Client Finance

Sarah joined adult social work finance team in 1999. With vast knowledge and experience, Sarah has undertaken all roles within the finance team and has been a Deputy under Court of Protection since 2009. Sarah has a strong corporate appointee team running the day to day duties of the service however; she is very hands on when making decisions for the people that she serves. Sarah believes in person centred care and using peoples funds to fulfil their wishes and aspirations for their on-going care and support needs. With a passion for individuals, Sarah encourages Service Users to be in control of their lives and strongly advocates that they are involved in the decision making process. Sarah takes her role as a Deputy very seriously and when agreeing to take on a new case, she believes her team can make a difference to the person who requires the help. With a number of management qualifications under her belt, Sarah is always looking at how her team can support Service Users and the local community in order to raise awareness of the importance for planning for your retirement years and if this has not been done, the team will be only too happy to help manage and support an individual’s financial needs.

Julie Doyle

Senior Corporate Appointee Officer

Julie joined adult social work finance team in 2005 after taking part in a New Deal for Lone Parents Scheme through the Jobcentre. Originally employed by North East Lincolnshire Council she has seen many positive changes and overcome many challenges to the service over the last 10 years. Julie was promoted from Finance Assistant to Corporate Appointee Officer in 2008; her role is to assist vulnerable adults with their financial affairs. In 2013 she was again promoted to Senior Corporate Appointee Officer and is now the team leader of a rapidly growing service. Her 7 year experience in this role and her own personal life experiences have given her an impressive ability to maximise income and reduce expenditure in turn increasing savings to spend on the nicer things in life. Always on the hunt for a bargain or at least a good deal. Julie prides herself on being well organised and a bit of a perfectionist and has a keen eye for detail or as some say “hawk eye’s, doesn’t miss a thing”. She enjoys solving problems and laugh’s in the face of the impossible. Julie is highly motivated by the need to help others and takes great comfort in knowing she has made a difference to people’s lives.

Linda Sweeting

Corporate Appointee Officer

Linda came to work for focus Corporate Appointee Team in 2014 bringing with her over 20 years of experience from the banking and estate agency industry. Transferrable knowledge and skills have allowed Linda to take on 40 new referrals, all with very different complex circumstances but all resulting in an enhanced, financially secure quality of life for the client. Linda is looking forward to continuing to take on further referrals from individuals with no family to help but is also looking to offer an assistance role to clients and their family members who are finding it difficult dealing with the complexities of their situation. By providing information and guidance at crucial, often stressful times Linda hopes to ensure independence is retained by the client for as long as possible.

Alex Hutchinson

Corporate Appointee Officer

Alex is a new member to the Corporate Appointee Team having joined in January 2015, however this is not his first post within focus independent adult social care. Having served as an A3 Assessor for the previous two years, Alex has vast experience in dealing with North East Lincolnshire’s vulnerable adults. Alex has seen first-hand how quality of life can be improved by accessing the wealth of services available locally and sees the Corporate Appointee role as a natural career progression for him. He enjoys the ability to help those who lack capacity to make choices and access support which they would other-wise not be able to. Alex enjoys working for clients who’s limitations are based on affordability, not eligibility. With his experience as an assessor and working on the Single Point of Access helpline, Alex has an excellent knowledge of what is available through commissioned support but also the third-party and voluntary sector. This ensures Alex manages his client’s finances to their bespoke needs, maximising quality of life. Alex understands that his own personal values may not coincide with his clients so works hard to identify what is important to them so he can serve to the best of his abilities.

Aimee Shaw

Apprentice (Finance)

Aimee joined Adult Social Care in May 2013 as a one year contracted apprentice in Business and Administration. As Aimee’s first ever career she strives for leaving a good impression within all teams and showing off her ability to conquer any challenges thrown her way using her patience and analytical skills. Throughout Aimee’s career for focus she has continued to develop her abilities through a diverse set of job roles from dealing with banking systems, examining audits to avoid any financial abuse that may occur to vulnerable adults within their living environments. Aimee’s colleagues are often likely to say ‘If you want something doing quickly and effectively, give it to Aimee!’ due to her ‘speedy fingers’ and commitment to all responsibilities she is given.